Since it’s next to impossible to get where God wants us to be without the help of others, we encourage everyone to join a Group. Joining a Group is a great next step to connect with others and grow in your faith at LifeBridge. We offer two types of Groups, Study Groups and Discipleship Groups.
Study Groups: S-Groups are short-term (6 weeks) co-ed groups that are “open” throughout the year for anyone at any time. These S-Groups will follow the same 6 week modules as the DGroups.
Discipleship Groups: D-Groups are long-term (36 weeks) men’s and women’s groups that study a set curriculum broken up into 5 – 6 week modules.  These groups will be “closed” groups, meaning you’re with the same people the whole time. This creates deep rooted, authentic community.
CLICK HERE to let us know if you are interested in Finding a Group.