Discussion Guide: Putting Religion in Its Place // March 29


We want answers for life’s mysteries. Is there an afterlife? Will I see my mom again? What does the Bible say about divorce? Does the Bible say we have to give ten percent of our money to the church? Religion tries to answer those questions. Religion is about answers, order, predictability. Unfortunately, life isn’t about any of those things. Life can be messy. Religion has a place in our lives, but Jesus taught us it shouldn’t be in the first place. When religion takes first place, it begins flexing its muscles at the expense of mercy.



1. Do you tend to follow rules to the letter, bend them when it suits you, or outright break them? In what ways do you think that tendency has influenced the way you view God?


2. What are some reasons people find rules comfortable and comforting?


3. Read Isaiah 1:13, 17 & Matthew 22:34-40. How do these verses challenge most people’s views of God? What do they tell us about what he values?


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Join Us on Easter Sunday // April 5

eastersundayCome worship with us on April 5th, at 9:30am or 11:15am for our Easter Sunday services.

Part 2: Why In The World // March 22


If there is a God, we all want to know what he’s like. We’re curious. Our tendency is to look in nature, outer space, or within ourselves to find clues about him. But that only provides us with an incomplete picture. Jesus made a radical claim. He said if you want to know about God, look no further than him. If you’ve seen the Son, you’ve seen the Father.



1. Talk about a time when you overcame adversity, large or small. What did you learn from that experience?


2. Read John 9:1-41. The Pharisees allowed their theology to become an obstacle to mercy for a man cured of blindness. What are some modern examples of people mistreating others because of what they believe?


3. Do you ever wonder if your suffering is your fault? If so, how has that shaped your view of God?


Men’s Event: Movie Showing

UntitledManStrong is sponsoring a free men’s event. The movie Passion of the Christ will be showing Saturday, March 28th (7:00am arrival/7:30am start time). This event will be hosted at Harrison High School. Bring your own coffee and breakfast.

Part 1: Why In The World // March 15

witwinvitecardside1PART 1: Jesus came to show us what God is like.


One of the unique things Christians believe is that God became one of us. For thirty years he lived undercover as a carpenter, surfaced as a miracle worker and rabbi for three years, and allowed himself to die in the most degrading way imaginable. He came as one of us but was treated as less than one of us. Why in the world would God do that?



1. What, if anything, do you do to feel close to God? What is it about that habit, practice, or approach that makes you feel God’s presence?


2. In what ways have you seen people look in the wrong places to discover what God is like? How did it shape the ways they view God?


LifeBridge Receives Footprint Award

B_w8W-oXAAAxTzUOn March 10th, LifeBridge Church received the Footprint Award by 104.7 The Fish Radio. This honor recognizes people and organizations for their dedication and faithful service to the Lord. In the month of April, you can listen to Radio Host, Dan Ratcliffe’s interview with our Senior Pastor, Aaron Gable on 104.7 The Fish and FaithTalk 970. The award plaque will be on display at the Welcome Center. 

Session Five: The Myth of Happily Ever After // March 8

febseriessquareRead Matthew 5:21-26


The course of true love never did run smooth. – Shakespeare


Conflict is inevitable. No matter how “in love” a couple is, or even if you and your roommate are “BFF’s”, friction eventually emerges. Far more important to the survival of a marriage or a close friendship is how well we handle disagreements.


  1. Sometimes people fight about the silliest things – like an insignificant detail in a story they are telling, how someone is driving the car, etc. What’s the craziest conflict you have ever heard of and why?
  2. Have you ever encountered a conflict because you were convinced you were right about something and it turned out you weren’t? (Please share with the group).
  3. What causes the biggest conflict in your relationship?
  4. How do you usually handle conflict?
  5. As you were growing up, how did your family typically handle conflict? What habits have you taken with you into your adult life?


For Roommates & Couples:

Sometimes conflicting relationships find common ground only to discover they are standing on quicksand as a result of making incorrect assumptions. Consider how your roommate or partner other was thinking and feeling within the last couple of days. (e.g. you think he was upset when you didn’t show up on time). Once you have that in mind, complete this sentence:


“I think you were . . .”


Now ask your roommate or partner how accurate you are in this assumption and note it on the following scale:


Completely                             Inaccurate                                Right on the Money

1           2           3           4          5           6           7            8           9           10


The point of this exercise is to diffuse your natural inclination to “mind read” by making your assumptions known. You’ll be amazed how handy this can be in the midst of an intense conversation.


Change Your Clocks!

springforwardsquareDon’t forget to change your clocks forward this Sunday, March 8th.

At-A-Glance // March 22

ataglanceAt-A-Glance is a reception for those newer to LifeBridge. This is a great opportunity to meet the staff, learn more about the church, how to get involved, and ask any questions you may have. The next LifeBridge At-A-Glance will be held Sunday, March 22nd from 10:45am-11:10am.

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