Yes, We Care About the Environment

environmentAt LifeBridge, we are very concerned about our environment. We believe there are three major life-changing environments for any follower of Jesus to experience: inspirational, transformational, and missional.


1) Through our weekly worship, we create inspirational environments, to encourage people’s hearts through music and a message to take a next step with Jesus.


2) Through our weekly groups, we create transformational environments, to engage people’s minds through Bible study and prayer to take a next step in community with one another.


3) Through our missions trips and projects, we create missional environments to exercise our time, resources, and skills to help others take a next step.


The reason we care so much about creating the right environment is because it allows us to bridge the gap for more and more people from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Submitted by Aaron Gable, Senior Pastor at LifeBridge Church.

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