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Bridging the gap for each other begins with Jesus. Jesus > Me expresses how we worship and witness both publicly and personally. Every Sunday is an opportunity for us to gather publicly to worship and bear witness to what Jesus has done for us. Also, everyday is an opportunity for each Christ follower to personally worship Jesus and bear witness to what Jesus has done for them.
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Bridging the gap for each other continues in community. We > Me expresses how we love and serve one another. It’s next to impossible to get where God wants us to be without the help of a few friends. We want to get beyond our cordial, but distant relationships. Every week our Community Groups gather for Bible study and prayer as we help one another navigate our relationships and the challenges of life we all face.
Bridging the gap for each other is fulfilled by living on mission. 7 >1 expresses how we become the hands and feet of Jesus 7 days a week, not just 1 hour on Sunday. We have joined the movement of Christ followers that generously share their time, resources and privileges to help those in need. Specifically, we have chosen to dig in deep with causes that fight against poverty and sex trafficking both locally and globally.