You’re a preschooler, and the world is bursting with newness. Each day is filled with one new discovery after another. Where did that bird come from? Look, the moon is shaped funny tonight! Who thought to color the butterfly like that?

LifeBridge Kids uses a curriculum called First Look, with creative projects, media, and interactive Bible lessons to introduce preschool children to God. We want to give children a first impression of the God who made them and loves them. Our goal is not just to provide a great environment for your child, but to equip parents with useful resources to continue the conversation at home.

Memory Verse Motions
Week 1: Luke 5:1-7
In this week’s lesson, Jesus catches a lot of fish after Peter couldn’t catch any.
Who can do things we can’t? (Jesus.)
What did Jesus help the fisherman do? (Catch fish.)
Week 2:  Matthew 14:22-23

In this week’s lesson, Jesus walks on water.

Who can walk on water? (Jesus.)
Who can do the things we can’t? (Jesus.)
Week 3: Mark 6:31-44

In this week’s lesson,  Jesus feeds over 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish.

Is anything too hard for Jesus? (No.)
What did the people eat? (Fish and bread.)
Week 4: John 2:1-11

In this week’s lesson,  Jesus turns water into wine.

What did Jesus change to super fancy party drink? (Water.)
Who told Jesus to change the water? (His mom.)
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